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The groundbreaking Wii-mote or the Wii remote known by many has proven to be time consuming and in the process, users are vulnerable to frustrations, the results of which can be dire. Enthusiastic gamers have been reported to have damaged their television sets and stereo system…
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Warnings lab
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Do Not Let Go Do Not Let Go The groundbreaking Wii-mote or the Wii remote known by many has proven to be time consuming and in the process, users are vulnerable to frustrations, the results of which can be dire. Enthusiastic gamers have been reported to have damaged their television sets and stereo system. Some study results reveal that when games are played in a room with other people at other times, some people in the room end up being hit by the Wii controller. One user reported having been engrossed so much into WiiSports Bowling, one of Nintendo’s widely played games, eventually damaged his stereo system (Jones & Thiruvathukal, 2012). The problem is attributed to high sudation rate following the rigorous style in which the game is played and extreme swinging of the Wii controller.
Tennis, a game found in the Nintendo has equally been associated with such problems. One method used in managing such occasions is by ensuring that a gamer has a well-worn wrist strap at all times and perfectly tightened by the strap lock. The wrist strap would restrain the Wii controller from flying across the room in the event of rigorous swinging during a game (Wachs, Kölsch, Stern, & Edan, 2012). Another equally effective measure is to ensure a firm grip of the Wii remote this will inhibit the wrist strap from disengaging hence no possible harm inflicted (Kaplan, 2013). Additionally, ensure there is ample space between you and the television set, preferably three feet away to ensure that one does not by mistake damage the TV.
The distance between furniture and other individuals in the room from where one plays the game is similarly important to ensure no cases of damage reported. Ideally, further studies reveal that additional ideas for a new warning system may use an auditory channel or a visual modality. These channels were deemed important in ensuring that games are accessible to users who are physically challenged or otherwise (Wachs, Kölsch, Stern, & Edan, 2012). For instance, an auditory channel would increase remind and enlighten gamers on how to complete a task with minimal errors.
Similarly, a visual feedback interface would later improve the way the gamer handles the Wii remote all along the game hence minimal cases on damages associated with the Wii controller. Appropriately, the incorporation of the auditory and visual channels into the system would mean that a response to these alerts would hinder unintended risks (Jones & Thiruvathukal, 2012). Further indulgence into the matter would later reveal that in addition to relaying input to the system, the Wii controller is equally in a position to transmit auditory and visual feedback to the gamer by default.
Previous tests conducted by Wii-mote on its interactive ability demonstrate their unquestionable capability of developing auditory and visual concepts that were effective in user workability. The aspect of alerting cues has widely been used in determining auditory and visual feedback interfaces; however, the effectiveness of a particular channel largely depended on the type of stimuli in consideration. For instance, following the intensity of movement involved when playing a game, auditory feedback channels proved to be particularly helpful as gamers will respond aptly to the warning in comparison to visual feedback modalities where gamers would have to be keen to in order to notice blinking LED lights on the screen (Wachs, Kölsch, Stern, & Edan, 2012).
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