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Role of Music in Computer Games - Essay Example

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This essay is representing how the audio filling influences on the gameplay, and how the sound design became an essential part of modern game industry. …
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Role of Music in Computer Games
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Download file to see previous pages Computer or video game music involves the use of soundtracks that accompany the game while it is being played. Early games used YMO melodies and beats. They used simple sounds and there was little distinction between 'noise' and 'music', or 'sound' and 'music'. At the time, little concentration was given to the possibility of incorporating music into games. Numerical developments in storage capacity increased over time. Long ago, the 1983-87 era employed '8-bit' systems, the 1987-1993 era used '16-bit' systems (Donkey Kong Country 2), '32-bit' systems occurred during 1993-2003 and the '64-bit' has been used since 2003-present. More space in the memory has been focused on with more detail being added (images, sounds and music). The first commercially produced games were by Computer Space (Nutting Associates 1971). The first game produced that had a 'musical dimension' was Space Invaders in 1978. It employed the rise and fall of bass notes that looped and sped up when the 'aliens' got nearer –a popular cinematic technique. Super Mario Brothers was the first video game produced in 1985 that went on to achieve worldwide success. The first dynamic use of 8-bit music was in a game’s plot titled Duck Tales in 1989. The first time songs were incorporated into video games was in 2005 in the computer game, ‘Still Alive’ in ‘Portal’. The development of the popularity of games was acknowledged which led to the creation of arcade games. At present, it is reported that video game composers employ advanced tools and instruments to make these exceptionally high quality sound tracks. These soundtracks rival the quality of production and musical sources that are distinctive with films. The central connection that exists between films and videogames is that they both rely heavily on the use of aural cues and visual cues as well to express a sense of constant diegesis or game world. The role played by music in these video games has advanced from once being a mere ringing sound to symphonic orchestral sounds and hip-hop playlists that can be customized. At present, music in computer games has evolved the whole experience one derives from these games when compared to the past. This fact has caused competitors within the game console industry to revolutionize their products. Music is used to express a particular mood when the visuals are accompanied with it. Onekey function among the extensive video game music functions sis that the sound aids in engaging the discernment of a spatial digress by the audience. Diegetic and Extra diegetic music is usually combined with the video game sounds to generate a particular captivating mood. Diegetic music is the kind of music assumed to be perceptible to the characters in the narrative on the screen. Musical cues and sound effects usually impart the objects with even an extra life than they possess when they simply make appearances as figures in motion. Use of music in computer games makes the illusion portrayed in computer games compelling. Use of music in film Musical cues and sound effects have always been part of film from inception of the film began. Early exhibitions of films were characteristically incorporated the use of a piano. Silent films were complemented by a range of musical instruments such as the solo piano to larger musical instruments depending on the kind of film. Music in films was intended to spark interest in audiences.Originally, films had no music andthis caused audiences to seek other sounds (such as ambient noises) that fulfilledfunctions usually achieved by musical cues.Use of musical cues in film applieshigher influence on the subject of the film than it would have if there was no accompaniment of music.Music divides the emotive content of the filmand considerably impactson the understanding of thetheatrical plot by the audience (Collins, 2008).Music within films influences memoryof the scenes in the film. Through the musical cues, one is able to remember what was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Role of Music in Computer Games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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