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Family theories - Case Study Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present family communication theory; family system theory and conflict theory. In accordance with the issues discussed in the paper families form a special type of system because of several interrelated factors…
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Family theories
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that family communication theory is based on the essential perceptivity that create a common social pragmatism is the core to family functioning. The shared reality subsists when family members’ knowledge about an objective are precise, congruent and in correspondence. Sharing of family realities with significant others enhances understating and being understood pretty fast. This theory sums up the effects of illness maintain behavior as it promotes efficiency and coordination with little conflicts and misunderstandings within the family. As a result, families that share realities of life should have proper communication amongst themselves precisely and with minimal misunderstandings, supporting each other as well. Family communication is a very essential too that can be used to influence health patterns and behaviour of all individuals. Communication forms a basis of identifying hidden and yet urgent health problems in a family member. Although a family is made up of people sharing same blood and inseparable bonding, not all members express their problems the same way. That difference in expressing problems and responding to them significantly overextend to issues concerning health. Communication plays an indispensible role of uniting all family members, enabling them to identify and solve their problems as a team. For instance, an adolescent teenager child may find it difficult airing out his or her health problem. It takes the vigilance of parents to help this child deal with the problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?To begin with, the of family has got through significant changes as the population at a definite location is constantly growing with people of different social and cultural values, universals, and histories. Teenage parents are usually considered to be in the group of risk. In this respect the theoretical approach should be applied in order to investigate and properly analyzed the problem from inside out. Theory of structural functionalism serves to dispute the idea of family and teenage parents so obvious for the poorest areas of the American cities. Thus, in the most basic terms, contemporary sociology should address functionalism in its relation to norms, customs, rites and traditions...
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Family Theories Paper

.... Lack of methodologies to quantify the indirect abuse that the entire family goes through is also another problem. Although, the effects on children’s social behaviour can be quantified as was proven by the case mentioned in the literature review by Carrell, (Carrell & Hoekstra, 2010). Theoretical Framework The family systems theory is known as family therapy on a more common basis. This is because it is works with not only children and their parents, but with all the close-knit relationships that exist within a family. There are therapy sessions in which the two members suffering in and/or from the relationship are present. If the professional believes...
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Personal approach to family therapy based on different theories school. Combining Family Therapy theories, the current paper expounds on the techniques that may be used to effect changes in the parents’ realization of their roles and the way they affect their child according to how they relate with each other at home. The proposed techniques may be applied in the real setting with some revisions to fit the needs and requirements of the client. The Assumptions Family Therapy has been proven to resolve problems of youth with disruptive behavior, substance abuse, and poor learning ability, including ADHD (Nichols & Schwartz, 2001, p.402). In this paper, we rely on a combination of Family Therapy approaches to resolve the problem of...
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