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Nuclear family is a family made up of father, mother, and their children. The paper analyzes and critiques various theories/perspectives on family. These perspectives are: the Functional perspective on the family, the Marxist perspective on the family, and the Feminist perspective on the family…
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Nuclear Family
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Download file to see previous pages The functionalist perspective on the family/New Right perspective The functionalists conceive society as a system comprised of numerous sub-systems, and among this sub-systems, the family, i.e. the nuclear family is the most basic sub-system of the society. Murdock (1949) views family as the building block of a society. Murdock outlines four basic functions of the nuclear family that serves both the individual members of the society, and the society as whole. To begin with, nuclear family provides an avenue for the satisfaction of the sexual drive. In the nuclear family, the married couples have exclusive sexual relationship and they are expected to fulfil the conjugal rights of each other. Through this kind of relationship, the sexual desires of married couples are met, and this has an advantage to the whole society for it helps to prevent sexual promiscuity in the society. This makes society more orderly and stable. The second basic function of the family is reproduction of the offspring. Through family, children are born in a stable family where they experience love from both parents, and this helps children in their emotional and psychological development. This ensures the continuity of the society. The third function of the family according to Murdock is closely related with the second function. The third function of the family is that, it is the family that children are socialised into the values and norms of the society. And this socialisation is done effectively by all members of the family. This socializing serves the whole society for it ensures that the family has responsible members who share common values and norms. The fourth...
This paper stresses that nuclear family provides an avenue for the satisfaction of the sexual drive. In the nuclear family, the married couples have exclusive sexual relationship and they are expected to fulfil the conjugal rights of each other. Through this kind of relationship, the sexual desires of married couples are met, and this has an advantage to the whole society for it helps to prevent sexual promiscuity in the society. This makes society more orderly and stable.
This essay makes a conclusion that while the functionalists views all the sub-systems of the society as contributing something good to the whole system that is the society, the Marxists views all the sub-systems of the family as furthering the interests of the capitalist system. And, with the nuclear family being one such sub-system of the society helps to promote the interests of the capitalist system. And as a social unit serving the interest of a capitalist society, a family has the following function. The family, also, serves as a unit of consumption in a capitalist society. This is because the products produced by the owners of the means of production finds a ready market in the family. The owners of means of production make huge profits by selling the products produced by the labourers at a much higher profits than they pay the labourers. And, as an effective method of marketing their products, company’s often targets the family and in many advertisements the main target is the family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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