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Discuss the extent to which the first few years of life leave an indelible mark on the personality - Essay Example

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There is no specific way to explain nature since it is a combination of primary aspects for instance: sub-conscious, ego forces, perceptive, biological, habituation, traits and tendencies,…
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Discuss the extent to which the first few years of life leave an indelible mark on the personality
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Extract of sample "Discuss the extent to which the first few years of life leave an indelible mark on the personality"

Download file to see previous pages Ultimately, character defines our outlook and tactic with respect to living life. Personality psychologists for instance Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and Alfred Adler respond the fascinating questions of character through systematic interpretations about how and why people behave as they do. These personality psychologists elude intellectual, philosophical or spiritual cogitations and focus rather on the opinions, feelings, and, behaviours of actual people. In this evaluation, the paper talks about Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler’s philosophies and elucidate what makes each of them unlike. Most individuals question the exact explanation of personality and how it is determined and evaluated. Every human being is born with a distinctive character, which grows and matures correspondingly to physical development, and the degree of progress and maturity is dependent upon background and upbringing (Brody & Ehrlichman, 1998). This paper will reflect upon the concept of personality. The paper also seeks to explain the significance of early child growth to the character through the use of psychoanalytic evaluation.
There are several concepts that were and are pivotal in the development and progression of my personality. I am sure that unconscious and biological aspects and traits, skills and predispositions were significant shaping factors in the developmental stages of personality building. These concepts are ones that I believe humans are either born with or area affected by early in life and cultivate throughout life. I believe that ego forces, conditioning and interaction shaped my personality during my childhood and adolescence (Bruce, 2004). These constructs were beneficial to my growth as an individual and exploration of my place in the world. I think cognitive and spiritual concepts are what assist in the explanation of my personality as an adult. I am more concerned as an adult with the state of my spiritual existence than I was as a child. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the Extent to Which the First Few Years of Life Leave an Essay.
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