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Consumer behaviour in the ethnic food market - Personal Statement Example

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Dissertation is not simply a manner of completing requirements. It must serve a great purpose in the near future. It maybe comprise of new ideas or an idea that would strengthen or correct something that had been previously thought and stated. Moreover, it must be a research work that would be of significance upon discovery of new profound knowledge, must possess a question with an answer that will make a difference and contribute something new that is also of use.
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Consumer behaviour in the ethnic food market
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Extract of sample "Consumer behaviour in the ethnic food market"

Download file to see previous pages This kind of liberty has somehow made the process intimidating.
Writing a dissertation primarily entails the hard task of simultaneously coming up with a significant design. At the start, I have to let myself be open to every input such as lectures and class discussions, books and articles I read, might as well to journals I encountered. To refrain from losing the important facts and information, I have to put things that interest me into a journal. I've also tried doing some sort of research or survey wherein I have asked elder students and even faculties on what types of topics did they have for dissertation and have let them share their experiences as they come along the process. Their stories have somehow served as my inspiration and a challenge to do my best with such tedious and get fulfilling task. These motivations and the knowledge that my study could be of great contribution and significance in the future researches had kept me going.
With my limited knowledge on major scholarly topics that are most important in my field, and having the great topics already used up; I have to do some general reading in the field to come up with a significant and original topic. ...
Considering the scope manageability and the significance of the continuously rising Halal market particularly in Tesco retail setting, we have agreed that I should focus on that topic.

With the help of my tutor, I manage to have a firm grasp of the facts in my case, and have been dedicated to answer vital "why" and "how" questions within the topic. Trends and outcomes in ethic food marketing, as well as their causes must be dealt with despite their apparent unavailability.

Dissertation involves series of intricate process that needs full attention, hard work, and consistency. Coming up with the mere title is rather challenging. The author must come up with a clear, succinct, simple yet fully explanatory and can perfectly reflect the content of the whole document. After long reflection, several rejections and experts advice, I finally came up with the title "Consumer Behavior in the Ethnic Food Market", believing that it will best suit my topic in the clearest and simplest manner.

This is then succeeded with review of literature, a considerably long part of the whole paper that supposed to provide the reader with a summary of the current knowledge related to the topic to be studied. I have learned to utilize all great facilities in the universities.

After filing some initial paperwork from graduate school, I immediately began with my review of literature. Reading thru all the files I have gathered, I was somewhat disappointed to find out that some of it was actually irrelevant if not far from what I should focus on. I must have been very eager to gather an enormous information by only looking at their titles and carelessly browsing its contents, that I have failed to realize that I those would just take me out of my topic. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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