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The Art and Science of Judgement and Decision Making - Personal Statement Example

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The author is writing this paper “The Art and Science of Judgement and Decision Making” as a makeup for the six surveys that he failed to turn in and the 3.75 hours’ worth of class time that he has missed. Before these consecutive absences, there was an occurrence where his wallet was stolen…
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The Art and Science of Judgement and Decision Making
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Extract of sample "The Art and Science of Judgement and Decision Making"

Download file to see previous pages However, to my astonishment, I spent more time there than I had thought before anyone could be free to work on it.
With the amount of work that the people have to handle at the store, it was totally impossible for me to explain the urgency of my issue and at least have it fixed at the earliest convenience. The result was that I was made to wait and follow the queue as other customers got served. I got served at last, but by that time it was too late to attend a session with you. I also missed my poetry class courtesy of the long wait at the computer repair store. Therefore, I ended up missing both my judgment/decision-making class and my poetry class. My second absence was on the pizza night. I tried texting a student from class and wandered around campus to find the event, but both were to no avail. I then chose not to explain my absences until you confronted me about them.
Considering that I had already missed another session earlier I did not find it prudent to email you as I thought that the integrity of my explanation would be put into the task. I, therefore, waited for you to confront me or for an opportunity when I would have to meet you and explain on my absence with the computer. This at least would help in proving that I was not making up a cooked explanation to cover up for my irresponsibility. I, however, take the blame for not making a better decision especially taking that you have taken us through various units in a decision-making process that I ought to have employed to wade through the predicament I was in. I was totally embarrassed that I failed to turn up for both and this hindered my correct decision-making process.
I came to realize later that there were many other options that I would have employed to come up with a working plan that I would engage to ensure that I attended the classes and also had my computer repaired.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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