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 This essay "Analysis of Career Development" discusses career development theories, decision-making model. It analyses the client’s decision-making skills and assesses client vocational skills. The essay considers the type of resources, planning, and follow-up appropriate for this client…
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Analysis of Career Development
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Download file to see previous pages He mentions that he would like to attend an art school following graduation but he has only applied to traditional 4-year universities”.
Career development is an important process in the life of any individual. This process involves the management of learning and transitions that determine a person’s future, in this case, Joe’s future. In the process of career development, there are various development theories involved. Trait-factor, Holland, Constructivist, Krumboltz’s and Super’s Life-space are some of the main theories involved with career development (Zunker, 2011). According to Super’s Life-space, theory, Joe’s problem can be said to have begun in the exploration stage of development. In this type of theory, self-conceptualization is found with experience and changes as time passes by. It divides career development into stages according to ages of individuals. Growth, establishment, maintenance, exploration, and decline are some of the stages involved in this type of theory. Joe’s case falls in the exploration stage because, at this stage, the age of career development is 15 to 24. Moreover, at this stage, most individuals are trying to discover their potential through class work and hobbies. It is also at this stage that the people develop skills and make career choices for the future. For example, Joe’s realizes that he is good at art and wants to pursue this dream.
There are various decision-making models that can be used in career development. Maslow is one of the best decision-making models that can be used on the client. It involves a decision-making theory that uses a hierarchy to determine human career development. According to this model, there is love, safety, psychological, esteem, and self-actualization. Self-actualization is the highest rank in this theory and believed to be the most influential in the personality of an individual (Zunker, 2011).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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