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The module called(Life Career Development) - Essay Example

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Since career is one of the crucial aspects of everyone’s life, it is important for every person to first evaluate the personal attributes of the personality so that there is alignment between the career choice made and the personality of that individual (Cordina & Lauri,…
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The module called(Life Career Development)
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Download file to see previous pages In order to evaluate the application of the career development models studied in the module such as Schein’s career anchor, an interview was organised with my elder brother who is employed as a Brand Portfolio Manager in a leading Multinational corporation for the last six years. During the career path, he did not face any difficulties as proper guidance was provided to him by our family members, teachers and colleagues.
After completing the High School Education, he successfully got admission in Oxford University from where acquired Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Marketing within the tenure of eight years (after Bachelor’s, two years of experience is mandatory to get enrolled in MBA program). The first job that he obtained was a Customer Representative in a local company where he worked for two years. While he was learning the communication and marketing skills during his work, his senior guided him about the way of getting access to the top ranked organisations.
The career path comprised of acquiring MBA degree in marketing and then starting the career in a Multinational Corporation as a Market Researcher. After working at that position for three years, he successfully obtained the position of Assistant Marketing Manager in the firm in which he is currently employed. Within one year of his employment, he was promoted to the Marketing Manager position; after two years, he attained the title of Product Manager and finally, after three years of rendering services at this position, he was moved to Brand Portfolio Manager designation.
Since the career development is an important aspect of everyone’s life, many experts have tried to explain the concept by undertaking various studies and experiments. Edger Schein (1978) coined the term ‘career anchor’ to explain the motives behind the career development phases that an individual passes during ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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