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People attend school for the main objective of identifying and following their career paths; they gain knowledge and skills about different systems and how they are managed. Upon graduation, they are ready to make use of the knowledge by joining their chosen fields in terms of…
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Personal Career Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Sales people visit different places, identifying opportunities from where they can fulfill people’s needs by offering goods and services at a price.
The choice of being a sales person was largely influenced by my personality traits; I am a person who is highly conscientious. Conscientious people are known to possess a strong passion for duty, in this case, they are said to be very responsible as well as reliable (Solis 76). This paper provides an analysis of my career and the things that have influenced my career path. In addition, it also gives an analysis of the sales career and opportunities that one is exposed to be joining this career path.
Different careers have different academic and non-academic qualifications, however, having academic qualifications plays an important role in any career; this is because, education provides the medium by which people can communicate and exchange ideas. For a career in sales, the first thing that a person needs to have is the interest and willingness to talk and interact freely with people.
People that are extroverts make good sales people; this is because they can interact freely with different people without fear, they are outgoing and willing to try out new challenges and ideas in life (Joyce 67). This is because, careers in sales involve meeting different consumers, one has to have the skill of convincing people; he should not be high-tempered. In addition, sales people are patient; they have to keep doing one thing for a number of times before they can influence buyers to make their decisions to purchase goods and services.
Other personality traits that are essential for sales people include being adaptable, here, particular sales people are said to be people who understand the meaning of change effectively. They know how to change and do something else in case they do not meet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Career Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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