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Learning and Growth - Personal Statement Example

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Leadership is something which gives you strength and opportunity to build teams to solve many critical problems. I got the same opportunity too when, in August 2006, my mother suffered stroke and her doctors recommended a long period of recovery for her. I was thrown into a difficult situation of handling a personal tragedy as well as managing a company which she successfully ran for quite some time.
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Learning and Personal Growth
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Extract of sample "Learning and Growth"

Download file to see previous pages I was lucky enough to find an entrepreneur and a friend of my mother, who was not only well known but also deputy chair of the Entrepreneur Association, to accompany me to municipal office for arranging to complete many formalities. I also mobilized a very dedicated employee of my mother's company to help me on deciding the price of shares to be sold and also work as a liaison between my family and the management of the company.
I believe that was one of my biggest accomplishment because of my relative inexperience in different things like management, finance and other things, I was still able to mobilize people to accomplish one of the challenging tasks of my life. I believe this also provided me an opportunity to show and hone my nature leadership skills as I achieved things beyond my capacity.
It was during 2007 when I was project manager for the renovation of Translation Planning and Management System, a tool used for managing IBM globalization and localization processes. During Investigation, it came up that the system is not delivering value to the end users due to different problems such as low customer satisfaction, speed etc.
This analysis provided me an insight into the fact that we must shift our focus from being technology driven to customer driven and should develop technologies which support end users. It was also revealed during our analysis that we must develop an application which can deliver the functionality of a web based application while remaining a desktop application. This approach not only clicked but also proved one of the most important innovations which helped to create an I.T. environment in IBM in Egypt, for the first time which revolved around the customer needs and demands.
Essay # 2
I am a Master Degree holder from Yale and served as an angel investor for an international education product distribution company. Based on my analysis of the company and its products, I persuaded my parents to invest into the company based on my assessment using Valuation Adjustment Mechanism which demanded that the value of the shares hold by my parents would increase from one level to another upon failure of the firm to achieve certain profit levels.
However, things did not worked the way as it were perceived and analyzed by me as the firm failed to achieved our desired results
I believe my over-anxious approach of getting quick results as an investor was the major mistake committed by me in this situation.
My Self- Reflection on this Mistake
While reflecting on my mistake, I came up with different and multiple perspectives on the mistake I committed. I first realized that to be successful investor means patience as investment needs a long term horizon to achieve results. Inability to take into account prudent and sound business principles would yield into failure even if backed up by most advanced measurement techniques. I also felt that I failed to take into account the market cycle China was experiencing at that time besides understanding that for an angel investor, it is necessary that he or she must provide valuable experience, skills, and networking opportunities to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Learning and Personal Growth Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Learning and Personal Growth Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Learning and Personal Growth Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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