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Conflict - Essay Example

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Conflict situation arise from variegated nature of human relations. Daft (1992) and Terry (1996) explicated that conflict can be…
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Extract of sample "Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages Some used avoidance while others used competition in conflict resolution. Still others use an accommodation, compromising or collaborating conflict resolution styles. The latter was sociologically effective in eliciting a win-win resolution to situation.
A non-assertive collaborator is a silent onlooker of the conflict situation and whose decision can be swayed and be taken advantaged with such helplessness. The person could be influenced to various demands and requests thoughtlessly. Roger (2008) pointed that non-assertive collaborator allow other people to decide for his fate, direction and outcome of living. Roger (2008) explicated that such personality can be depicted as emotionally dishonest, ambivalent, thrives in denial and hindered by inhibitions. In conflict situation, non-assertive collaborator could be easily offended, nervous, and sometimes confused with one’s decision. He could be critical too to the point of ambivalence.
Non-assertive person’s gestures are illustrated with shyness or inability to establish eye contacts whenever communicating or there is obvious hesitancy to commit and assume responsibilities or obligations (Roger, 2008). The person is uncertain of his participation in this collaboration, although there is certain level of emotional satisfaction in his involvement in conflict situation management.
Depending on the depth of the knowledge and skills of the collaborator, the non-assertive character could susceptibly be understood as a person who weighs issues without aggression and attempts to deal with situation in a calmer and patient management. However, as conflict management requires intellectual impartiality in dealing with conflict situation, decisions require that all accounts of the situations and issues are weighed well to achieve a certain level of justness in the decision-makings (Armstrong, 2004). While hoping to achieve better solution to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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