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Technology Management and Collaboration - Assignment Example

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This paper “Technology Management and Collaboration: A Case Analysis” is set to discuss the following issues: the Gregory framework of technology management;the importance of a holistic approach to technology management;exploitation of technology in a company through collaboration…
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Extract of sample "Technology Management and Collaboration"

Download file to see previous pages People still inhabit a world where an individual’s technical ability and instinct determines the worth of technology. Gaining knowledge of technology management is a human work and requires experienced and qualified individuals to examine this (Dauda 2009). Human intelligence produces ideas for new products and/or services, which produces the requirement to ‘identify’ technology. Hence (Moehrle 2013, p. 17):
 Identification of technologies that are not currently part of the firm’s technology base,  but may be important in the future (for example, by attending a conference, reading journals, visiting trade fairs, questioning suppliers and conducting pure research.
 Each time a technology is ‘selected’, the company has to always remember who will manage and operate such technology. Human resources are an important determinant for this ‘selection’, for they should possess the eagerness, knowledge, and capability to sustain this technology (Treat 2011).
 Selection of those technologies that the firm needs for its future products and technologies (for example, by using portfolio-type methods, expert judgment, pilot studies, and financial methods).
Likewise, HR participation is a crucial component in all the phases of IT acquisition programme So as to guarantee an effective and efficient application of the acquired IT, HR participation is needed the most in the process of pre-acquisition so as to successfully deal with later phases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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