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Assertive Communication - Essay Example

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Assertive communication entails expressing one’s point of view in a manner that is direct and clear while exuding respect. The communication is diplomatic and effective style because it is founded on mutual respect (Blokdijk, 2015)…
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Assertive Communication
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Extract of sample "Assertive Communication"

Assertive Communication How should communicate assertively with Assertive communication entails expressingone’s point of view in a manner that is direct and clear while exuding respect. The communication is diplomatic and effective style because it is founded on mutual respect (Blokdijk, 2015). For freshman students at Bellevue College, assertive communication with their instructors is important because their needs will better cater for, and it will help of constructive relationships, minimization of conflicts. Students are always taught to concede to their instructors, but through assertive communication, they can avoid resentment, frustration, avoidance, and anxiety.
There are three important elements of assertive communication. The first element is validation or empathy. It means that one is trying to say something that reflects an understanding of the other person’s feelings. The second element is a statement of the problem. This describes a person’s dissatisfaction with the current situation and it reveals why something needs to change. Lastly, it contains a statement of what a person wants. Assertive communication is a specific request for a change in the other person’s attitude, approach, or behavior (Blokdijk, 2015).
Students can follow a set of steps in learning how to communicate assertively. First, students must learn the appropriate use of body language. To achieve this, one must stand or sit straight, face the other person, maintain eye contact, avoid the use of dismissive gestures, and maintain a calm and serious facial expression. Additionally, they should keep their voices soft and calm even when angry. Using expressive body language that generates openness and warmth enhance assertive communication. These include smiles, circular arm movements, and open alms.
Secondly, the student must learn to use “I” statements in the process of communicating with their instructors. In most cases, people use the word “you,” but this tops them for taking control of the listener. “You” expresses indecisiveness and removes power over the speaker. Suing ‘I” enables top student concentrate on the problem as it removes the notion, that one is blaming the other person.
Avoiding ambiguity is another way of communicating assertively. Students should learn to explain their ideas, and feelings thoroughly and desist from using obscure response (Blokdijk, 2015). Making clear and direct responses is one way of avoiding ambiguity. Failure to d this amounts to inviting the other person to say “no.”
Students should also learn to express ownership of their opinions, thoughts, and feelings. In assertive communication, it is important to know and believe that one is responsible for his/herself. No one is responsible for the behavior of personality of the other person. This strategy is closely related to using “I” statement, and accusing or blaming others will be avoided. An example of a statement that expresses ownership is, “I believe the best way of doing something is….”
Another strategy of communicating assertively is using facts and avoiding judgments. Doing this creates a collaborative environment that facilitates effective communication and an understanding of student needs.
Lastly, communicating assertively entails the use of appropriate language. College students tend to talk rudely or swear when they are not impressed or satisfied with their instructors, but these techniques show irresponsibility and rudimentary behavior. Understanding propriety is effective in communicating grievances or dissatisfaction (Blokdijk, 2015). This can be achieved by keeping the tones of one’s voice moderate at al times. With these techniques, students can cultivate rewarding and constructive relationships with their instructors that ensure the fulfillment of their learning needs.
Blokdijk, G. (2015). Communication Skills - Simple Steps to Win, Insights and Opportunities for Maxing. Los Angeles: Emereo Publishing. Read More
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