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Management Ethics: Communication Styles in the Lifeboat Movie - Assignment Example

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The author examines three types of communication styles that are strongly featured in the movie "the Lifeboat" and states that the lessons learned from the movie are very relevant in the management world, it is important for any manager to be assertive to his juniors. …
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Management Ethics: Communication Styles in the Lifeboat Movie
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Extract of sample "Management Ethics: Communication Styles in the Lifeboat Movie"

Connie Porter and Garrett insisted that Willi the German had to be accorded the war prison status and allowed in the boat at the time when Kovac demanded that Willi had to be thrown in the water and drowned. This kind of episode brings a clear picture of assertive communication in Garrett and Connie Porter this is because they made it to Kovac authoritatively that Willi had to be in the boat at all expenses. In the following episodes, Kovac decided not to extend his demand of expelling Willi from the boat, a passive kind of communication is featured here very strongly. This is because of the fact that he let the argument end thus according Willi an opportunity to survive. At the time when the boats had just sunk, Willi knew very well that he was headed to an enemy’s boat, his persistent plea and aggressiveness saved his life. He engaged the crew in the boated in an animated debate and he completely denied being an enemy, this portrays clear evidence of an aggressive communication style.

There is strong evidence of the compatibility of the styles used in this movie; the strong interconnectivity between the fate of the characters and their communication prowess is highly defined. Willi used his communication aggressiveness to convince the crew at the time he boarding the boat, and also when he killed Gus when the rest of the crew in the boat was asleep. An interrelation is shown between aggressiveness and assertiveness, this is when Willi insisted that he was not an enemy while at the same time Garrett and Connie Porter took advantage of the passiveness in Kovac’s communication style and made sure that Willi was not drowned. Several communication patterns are shown in different episodes in this movie, major patterns are either verbal or non-verbal. The verbal patterns are accompanied by questioning as a pattern. That was used by Kovac when he interrogated more about Willi when he wanted to board the boat, however, a non-verbal pattern is evident when Willi was asked about the whereabouts of Gus, his guilt in the drowning of Gus was evident when he started sweating unconsciously. Self concealing as a pattern was majorly used when Willi denied being an enemy knowing very well that he was not a Briton. The overall communication between the characters was highly effective as shown between Willi and the crew members at the time of boarding the boat, also it is evident when Connie Porter and Garret were able to divert the attention of Kovac thus allowing Willi to board the boat. Again there was a perfect nonverbal communication that revealed the guilt in Willi when he drowned Gus. His uncontrollable sweat communicated his guilt in the death of Gus.  Read More
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