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Making career - Personal Statement Example

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The career pathway that I have chosen is in the field of advertising and the roadmap starts with an entry level post in an advertising agency's account management department, eventually leading to junior account executive level and finally to the position of account manager…
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Making career
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Download file to see previous pages These entry-level positions are actually glorified secretarial jobs wherein responsibilities include making sure that ads move smoothly through the execution process. Accordingly, depending on the agency an account executive or an account coordinator may be given some competitive-analysis responsibility (see the job post in this website: Indeed, according to a book published by Wetfeet, Inc. on careers in advertising and PR, "the lower you are on the account [management] totem pole, the more it's about execution. The higher you are, the more it's about strategy." (p. 99)
In analysing a job advertisement in fig. 1, it is easy to understand that people entering account management must have strong social skills, since a good chunk of their job involves managing people. As one insider said, "As you move up in account management, one of your responsibilities becomes managing people below you. But even the lowest levels, you're managing people in other departments." They should be able to think like fashion entrepreneurs/designers and creatives since they have to deal with both camps. As Wetfeet, Inc., a leading PR firm emphasized, in terms of personality, creatives and clients are often diametrically opposed and the better direction you give the creatives, the better ads you get.
With these facts on hand, I conclude that people with their sights set on advertising account management in the fashion industry should be organised and good at multitasking, because they'll be working on a variety of things simultaneously. In addition, account management candidates should have a good understanding of marketing and selling fashion merchandise, since the job is about helping clients sell their goods and selling the agency to others.
It has been said that The Good Girl or The Good Boy syndrome hardly ever lands an employee to top leadership post and even slows down professional growth and career progress in the advertising industry. Here an employee place more value on being in good terms, and therefore agreeable, with his superiors at the expense of searching for new and better ideas that will benefit his company or the product that the company markets. In the advertising industry, where innovation is very important, the pathway to a better career trajectory is to adopt the contrarian position - the ad man who finds new path, ends up moving the company or a product ahead. I believe that bringing this unique perspective to work in the advertising field offers growth opportunities and expands possibilities for the company that I will work for as opposed to maintaining the status quo or being docile in the fast-paced and cutthroat competition in the advertising world.
One of my resource persons confirmed this line of thinking as she told her own success story. Alexa Simons was an assistant account manager for a mid-size advertising agency. Their accounts, however, were impressive. Her team, for instance, services the PR and advertising needs of a perfume line. About a year ago, this client decided to decentralise their advertising in the management's belief that the advertising efforts are not delivering quantified returns. Alexa's superior accepted the decision and devised strategies that worked around what the client wanted. However, after a month Alexa took the initiative of reviewing consumer research and found that certain critical measures had declined sharply after the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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