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This essay considers the personality test addresses one’s interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate with other people, as well as the degree of charisma one, has over others. The test also focuses on one’s attitude towards people and life in general…
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Psychological analysis of personality
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Psychological analysis of personality
The iPersonic Personality Test addresses several aspects of one’s personality. It consists of a 4-step process where one would only click on which of the two given sets of characteristics would mostly describe his or her character. The test addresses one’s interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate with other people as well as the degree of charisma one has over others. The test also focuses on one’s attitude towards people and life in general, towards criticisms and when it comes to their relationships. Moreover, it also addresses career issues such as being on time, making decisions or dealing with a group or an individual.
The material in this particular personality test relates to the one covered in the course in several ways. Jung’s idea of persona is brought up in every sentence in the test that shows how one approaches particular situations and groups of people, like “I try to avoid disputes because harmony is very important to me,” or “I love discussions and to even fight for something.” The test also measures one’s being a leader, negotiator, clown or perfectionist, as Adler theorized. These are shown in statements on leadership and negotiation like “I like to take things as they come,” “I mostly base my decisions on my instinct,” and “I am always the first person people call if they have something new to tell.” Moreover, the personality test also brings up statements related to Erikson’s psychosexual stages. There are statements that address one’s psychosexual needs like “I need a lot of time alone,” “I prefer to be in the center of things,” and “On the whole, I am satisfied with my life.” These statements somehow reflect what a particular person needs at a specific psychosexual stage he is in.
Personally, I believe that the test is credible enough in terms of the author. The author of the iPersonic Personality Test is a certain Felicitas Heyne, who is considered a well-known psychologist and an author of a bestseller. The fact that she is affiliated with the American Psychological Association and the German Psychological Association says it all. Not all personality tests online or in magazines are drafted by experts of such qualifications. This therefore makes the iPersonic test more reliable than many. The results in my case somehow reflect my outgoing and extroverted personality as well as my tendency to become easily hurt by criticisms and comments. The test also accurately predicted my attitudes towards life and people in general without even perhaps asking me about it directly in the questions. Thus, I believe in its credibility as a tool for personality testing. On the whole, it can therefore measure many various aspects of personality. This is one of the greatest strengths of the test aside from its having been constructed by an expert in the field of psychology.
The problem with the test somehow lies in its structure. The test is more like defining oneself in terms of a cluster of characteristics instead of single specific ones. The two columns from which I have to choose my characteristics somehow give me an idea that I am and all people are being classified only into two homogeneous groups. The problem is that oftentimes people have varying characteristics that overlap between the groups. For example, although the statements “I find it difficult being on time, I am often late” and “I prefer to plan everything in advance,” there are so many people who are always late no matter how much they plan everything in advance. Thus, the strict homogeneity of the two divisions of statements for every step of the test may not be able to take into account the other specific qualities that one may have.

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