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The writer of this essay "My Interpersonal Effectiveness" discusses rating on the interpersonal effectiveness, areas of effectiveness and areas requiring improvement and practice. The essay considers differences and similarities of people’s perception of his interpersonal skills…
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My Interpersonal Effectiveness
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 My actions in management as shown in the case of laying-of employees at the company are a clear show that I have a high standard of ethics. At times situations make provide for me complex options hence my ethics fail to meet expectations of the society therefore occasionally tested by the blockages and needs of the society (Albert, 2009).
My weak point is incompetence that majorly rises from my inability to make some decisions under pressure effectively. Competence will improve when I gain the necessary work experience and gain more knowledge in my area of operation.

The assessment of people to some extent showed me the various points of weakness. I realized that I need to improve competence and efficiency in decision-making. The alignment of people’s perception and mine showed that I am ethical similar to my personal assessment. My surprise was the knowledge of other people that I am incompetent due to the minimal experience I possess.

3. Open-mindedness and non-defensive mechanisms
It was not easy to stay open-minded and non-defensive during the interview. The questions were touching on my personality and I felt like faking and lying about some aspects of the issues under discussion. I achieved this by trying to be ethical and comprehensively cooperative.

4. Why am perceived as I am
I am being perceived this way because am truthful to my acts. My partner was ethical and tried to corner my answers but due to professionalism and adhering to the set standards, he got the right information that provided the right illustration of my characters. However, the results were not as per my expectations but they are a true reflection of my characters.

5. Summary of two key insights
I have realized that I have low qualities in relation to competence. Therefore, I need to comprehensively practice to improve on the component. Read More
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