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The writer of this paper states that DeJong and Berg (2008) talks widely of solution-focused brief therapy; this is a major in-depth of behavior and skill used to sire therapeutic environment. In exercise 11, they talk about assumption about clients in involuntary situations…
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DeJong and Berg about their Practice in Interviewing for Solutions
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Exercises on role play also help a big deal on goal formulation because strategies are discussed in a clear manner.

The parties taking part in the exercise are able to experience first hand the intended purpose. The second technique is asking the miracle question, where this technique is to help the client know what he/she wants to be done differently in that the first attempts chosen to solve a problem did not work out; therefore, another approach is needed. The last technique is to understand the structural component of feedback to clients using role-play and interchanging of characters helps in the formulation and delivery of feedback to clients.

Corey (2008) specifically talks about how personal experiences can influence the change of behavior in their day to day life, a bad experience can trigger the phobia. Therefore, due to the phobia triggered the victim tends to avoid situations where the phobia triggering stimuli occurred. Read More
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