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Psychonlyticl Fmily Therpy - Essay Example

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Psychonlyticl fmily therpy (further fmily therpy in this pper) is more thn collection of techniques used by prctitioners who work with the whole fmily s the medium of chnge. It lso provides different perspective on the problems presented to members of the helping professions…
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Psychonlyticl Fmily Therpy
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Download file to see previous pages Socil workers, iming to ssist fmilies with the prents tht hve reltionships problems, cn use lot of good ide from fmily therpy. Some techniques tht cn be useful re described in the following pper. Through theoreticl overview of reltionships problems tht tke plce in fmilies, some dvices to socil workers' prctices re proposed to fce these problems.
The wy we describe situtions reflects our thoughts nd influences our ctions with respect to those situtions. description of problem in terms of individuls will led to our seeking solutions imed t chnging individuls. If we re to tke seriously the ide of chnging reltionships rther thn individuls, then we need to be competent in describing humn dilemms in terms of reltionships. It is no longer sufficient to ssess fmily in terms of its members' individul chrcteristics. For exmple, sying tht the fther is wek, peripherl person nd the mother is domineering nd controlling describes two individuls rther thn their reltionship. n interctionl description needs to encpsulte the pttern of their reltionship, which in this cse would be complementry. The bsic unit of nlysis, description, nd then intervention must become the reltionship.
When there re reltionships problems between prents, socil worker should first set up negotitions with the fmily. During this formtive phse of reltionship the prticipnts negotite, explicitly nd implicitly, style or definition of the reltionship. People then relte s if there were certin rules 'governing' the vrious spects of their reltionship. These rules pply to such issues s who mkes the morning te nd to more subtle spects such s how ffection is displyed in socil situtions. These initil negotitions nd the rules tht develop will depend on mny fctors including:
1. Resons why people live together, for exmple: romnce, reproduction, necessity, convenience, ethnic custom.
2. Belief systems of the prticipnts. No reltionship strts off with 'blnk sheet'. Ech of the prticipnts will bring to the reltionship vlues, stndrds, nd expecttions of how life should be lived, how people should behve towrds ech other, nd whose job it is to put the rubbish out. In study tht included over thousnd fmilies, Reiss (1981) shows how prtners dopt vrious spects of one nother's functioning nd beliefs, so creting blnce. The effects of contrsting belief systems cn be seen most strikingly in interethnic mrriges.
3. Environmentl circumstnces such s the finncil nd mteril constrints within which the people in the reltionship exist; size nd vilbility of ccommodtion; imminence of wr; reltive vilbility of work; thret of redundncy; choice of vilble mtes.
4. Culturl mores. Public opinion nd ttitudes my influence couple's choice bout number of fctors ffecting their reltionship, including whether to cohbit or mrry, nd whether to hve children; nd if so how mny. couple my be ffected by tboos bout blck person living with white person, or working-clss boy mrrying middle-clss girl. ccording to Crter nd McGoldrick ethnicity is 'mjor determinnt of our fmily ptterns nd belief systems' (1998).
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Psychonlyticl Fmily Therpy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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