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It looked at the influence that age and gender have on individual attitude towards cosmetic surgery. Randomly taking a sample of 60 people; out of which 33 were female and 27 were…
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Discussion section
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Download file to see previous pages a presentation of an integrated model showing individual and personality differences towards acceptance of the cosmetic surgery as Buss and Hawley (2011, p. 17) write.
From the results, we get a revelation of the association between attitudes towards acceptances of cosmetic surgery and age and gender. This confirms the initial predictions. Other invariants include self esteem (more to do with age), conformity and attractiveness from self assessment (Sarwer & Magee, 2006, p. 32 and Sherry, et al., 2007, p. 352). The variables played a role in explanation of the ACSS variance factors (social, consider and intrapersonal). With this, we can say that the hypothesis is right as the results support it. This method was immensely helpful as it covered both qualitative and quantitative information.
It is necessary to note that this study may have a number of limitations, bearing in mind that it involved sampling. Gosling, et al. (2003, p.504) wrote that generalization limits the rest of the population since it took into account only one case in the study.
With the results, it implies that most people who prefer cosmetic surgery are women and youths. This means that their attitude towards cosmetic surgery is positive, while that of men and the old is negative and this reveals that everyone posses individual differences and preferences as written by Premuzic, Stumm and Furnham (2011, p. 17).
The results also revealed that more women had more accepting attitudes towards cosmetic surgery. This meant that gender was a factor that affects attitudes towards cosmetic surgery. In this regard, the study found out that women would actually consider having cosmetic surgery while men would mainly accept it for social reasons (Perry, 2007, P. 67). The study concluded that women view cosmetic surgery as something normal since it keeps them beautiful and makes them look young. According to Sarwer and Magee (2006, p. 19), women specifically consider remaining attractive. This is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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