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The Effect Workplace on the Sport Psychology of the Workers - Essay Example

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This essay explores the case of Client A, a 29-year old male junior project manager in a multinational software developing company for almost two years. This case revealed that workplace has a considerable effect on the sports psychology of the workers…
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The Effect Workplace on the Sport Psychology of the Workers
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that Client A used to perform physical exercise regularly before joining the organization. Recently, he noticed an increase in body weight and reduction in the energy and enthusiasm in work. He was also becoming more stressed at the workplace because he was no longer able to devote sufficient time to his health which in turn started hampering his performance. The organization encourages the continuous professional development of their employees including constant monitoring and counseling by the prospective senior officials. In one of the counseling sessions, the senior project manager found that the client was experiencing high levels of stress as a result of not being able to make sufficient time for personal development including regular physical exercise. Thus, he advised Client A to consult a sports psychologist who would efficiently guide him in maintaining his body fitness without compromising with his job responsibilities. It is well-identifiable from the aforementioned case that the absence of physical exercise was creating a mental pressure on Client A signifying the effect of exercise on the mental health of a person. It was stronger in the current case as a result of Client A’s previous involvement in the regular practitioner of physical exercise and has already been aware of its positive effects. This, in turn, influences his self-determination (the will to achieve the desired goal), self-confidence (the belief to achieve the desired performance) and physical anxiety (nervousness felt by an individual regarding his/her physical ability) to a certain extent. Due to the decrease in these factors, he tends to display emotional outburst in the workplace and possess an increased stress level. When first employed by the organization, he was recognized as a consistent performer which is now noticeably reducing due to his increased stress levels and the resultant behavior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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