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Stress is a phenomenon that many employees at different workplaces experience and is largely inescapable. Arnold et al (2005) define job stress as the result of destructive physical and emotional responses that occur among individuals (workers) when the requirements of their jobs do not match their competencies, resources or needs…
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Workplace Stress
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Download file to see previous pages As highlighted above, stress has significant impacts on staff and the result is eventually noted on companies. Companies incur immense losses due to stress-related instances among staffs, which are reflected in absenteeism, accidents, healthcare expenses and a general decline in productivity (Handy 1999). It is worth noting that most occurrences of workplace stress are related to the events that take at different levels of the organization. It could be due to conflict among employees or between employees and their managers; or due to poor allocation of duties, which result in overburdening of some staff. Hence, stress at the workplace can be attributed to two broad attributes of the organization: the organization structure and organization culture.
Generally, the distribution of work roles at the workplace affects the performance of employees since it determines whether they will be motivated or demoralized. This is the aspect of organizational structure. How work is distributed in terms of working hours, amount of work, incentives for the work, adherence to deadlines and so on all affect the level of stress among individuals.
The kind of environment created by employees, managers and all players at the workplace also affect the level of stress experienced by the aforeme...
It is undisputable that conflicting demand from different organizational stakeholders would affect greatly the performance staff, if not impose different levels of stress to them. Additionally, personal conflicts among employees are not a good picture in the purview of organizations.
This paper will evaluate how the structure of organizations affects worker performance. As mentioned above, the manner in which duties are assigned (based on the organization's hierarchy) may impose significant stress on individuals. Additionally, the organization culture in terms of how the staffs relate is vital in moderating stress.
The effects of stress cannot be gainsaid, and as discussed in this paper, the consequences of stress such as anxiety, absenteeism, lower productivity and aggression only serve to aggravate an already bad situation in the light of organizations. The paper gives a blow-by-blow analysis of how structure and culture of an organization affects stress, with particular emphasis on the negative attributes of stress among individuals. Note that at the workplace, we are all affected by stress in one way or another and this paper therefore gives a generalization of the conditions in which we work.
How organizational structure affects the level of stress experienced by individuals
Organization structure refers to the prescribed distribution of work roles and duties within an organization coordinating the various duties or subsystems in order to achieve efficiently the organization's set targets (Handy 1999). The structure represents an organized set of subsystems that play different roles but with an objective to accomplish the organization's targets. All these are intended to be achieved by way of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Workplace Stress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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