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Stress Management in the Workplace - Research Paper Example

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The study also examines the general existing condition of stress on job and looks at several factors that are contributing towards the…
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Stress Management in the Workplace
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Extract of sample "Stress Management in the Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages By finding out the common reasons of job related stress, companies can identify likely “trouble spots” (Maslach & Leiter, 1997, p. 72) in their own business.
The more extensive the application of the term ‘stress’, the more indefinable its meaning. Well known meaning of stress, that is identified by everyone, is a personal experience due to anxiety or burden on a person, and negatively affects the person’s capability to handle or rather, his/her viewpoint regarding that capability.
Bad teamwork and ineffective management were the two important reasons behind job related stress, with bad teamwork concerns having the “most powerful influence” (Maslach & Leiter, 1997, p. 81) on work-related fatigue, physical fitness problems, and performance issues. Job related stress is associated with fatigue, physical as well as psychological wellbeing issues, and performance issues, such as absence, high employee turnover and mistakes.
At this point in time, main worry of workers is to find a way for having stability in responsibilities of professional as well as personal life. Taking into consideration the fact that flexibility is a very crucial concern for employees, having insignificant flexibility in the job will be a significant factor contributing towards stress. “The more practical as well as uncompromising a company is about taking time off, looking for professional agendas, and so forth, the more the level of stress of its staff” (Maslach & Leiter, 1997, p. 87).
Stress affects people by at least two ways. “First, prolonged stress makes people to regress” (Stranks, pp. 23-24). Their mental growth upsets, and they are likely to act in an immature manner. They promptly turn out to be more careless as well as irresponsible. A simple, common everyday example is a sick person who is unhappy and suffering from a number of days. His family members will agree that he has become self-centered, loud, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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