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Stress Management in/outside of the Workplace - Research Paper Example

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This research paper declares that stress is an inevitable problem as human beings face numerous life challenges. The level of stress someone suffers depicts its significance in their life. People are stressed over their inability to balance their professional and personal responsibilities. …
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Stress Management in/outside of the Workplace
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Extract of sample "Stress Management in/outside of the Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that the modern workplace has numerous challenges that may affect the lifestyle of the employees. Requirements from personal and professional life create a lot of pressure. For this reason, stress is common in employees. However, both individual and institutional efforts may suppress the effects of stress. In addition, the actions may minimize the occurrence of stress. In organizational settings, stress is created from the difficulty to balance between personal and professional needs. Regardless of the assumption that stress is a normal workplace occurrence, excessive stress significantly affects the personal and professional life of the employee.

This essay discusses that organizations should develop stress management techniques that may enable employees cope with pressure in the workplace. The basic requirement of a stress management technique is the ability to identify areas that may be stressful to employees. Identification of the stressor may then enable creation of solutions. Lynn is of the assumption that such management techniques increase the input of the human resources which increases company productivity. From a personal level, how effectively can a person deal with stress in and outside the workplace? How far should an institution be involved in developing stress management techniques? On many occasions, stress is involuntary. This is based on that he psychological strength of a person may only function to certain limits. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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