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LOVE. -- OB - Research Paper Example

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It critically analyzes the term conflict, its different views, management styles and functions. Conflict is very common in many organizations. Many view it to be healthy while others consider its affects to…
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LOVE. -- OB Research Paper
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Extract of sample "LOVE. -- OB"

Download file to see previous pages These techniques even though in many cases prove useful; it fails in majority of the situations. This causes the conflict to rise which in turn leads to negotiations. Some of these negotiations are arbitrated by third parties while others are handled by managers themselves. There are critical aspects of negotiations as well which are discussed in later. Overall, whether conflict is positive or negative for the company depends on the outcome. Sometimes a conflict can have a positive outcome in the short-term but the results can be devastating in the long-run and vice versa.
In the 21st century, workforce and workplace etiquettes are both going through rapid changes because of cut-throat competition. Such changes are placing stress not just on the management but also the workforce which is increasing the chances for workplace conflict and deviant behaviors at workplace (De Dreu, 2008). Thus, highlighting the importance for effective conflict management is crucial. Unfortunately, no literature has yet been linked to conflict management and worker issues that may cause conflicts (De Dreu, 2008).
For many years now, scholars and academics in organizational behavior and psychology have conducted vast researches on the workplace conflict. While some have conducted studies on the negative side of it, others have examined the positive effects. According to De Dreu (2006), positive functions of conflict are linked with learning, improved quality of decisions, creativity, innovation and overall enhancement in productivity and team effectiveness. On the contrary, De Dreu and Gelfand (2007) has noted the negative functions of conflict such as increased stressed, low job satisfaction and vice versa of positive functions. Many scholars would argue mostly on the positive functions that arise from the conflict issues such as those related to tasks (e.g. designing best strategy) rather than personal issues (e.g. disagreements on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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