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Video Game Violence and Aggression - Essay Example

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This paper "Video Game Violence and Aggression" focuses on the propensity of our nation’s people toward violence and aggression that has been cited as a psychological, social and public health issue. Acts of violence not only occurring in the streets but in neighbourhoods, and schools. …
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Video Game Violence and Aggression
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Download file to see previous pages Concern has been raised about the negative portrayal of social interactions, and the desensitizing nature of violence (Anderson, et al. 81-85; Funk, Bechtoldt-Baldacci, Pasold, & Baumgardner 23-39). This paper will review available literature to find out whether exposure to game violence can lead to aggressive behaviour in children.
Violent video game research raises similar concerns about the negative impacts of media violence. This reaction is an extension of the general concern about the effects of media violence and television viewing. The increase in the violent content of the games has led to greater anxiety about possible impacts, especially on youth. Because of the interactive nature of the games, many researchers have concerns that the negative impacts of video are likely to be higher (Anderson, et al. 85-90; Funk, Bechtoldt-Baldacci, Pasold, & Baumgardner 23-39).
Two meta-analyses and studies on violent video games provide an overview of the major findings. Before reporting the findings on the two meta-analyses, however, it is important to note that the studies included in these analyses have been conducted over a period of time that has seen substantial technological advances and thematic changes in the games. In particular, the games have become more realistic and more violent with each new generation. The meta-analyses have therefore combined, compared, and contrasted studies of games that have varying degrees of realism and violence, dependent on the generation of game. This is why it is important to also include the most recent study in this literature review, one that is representative of existing technology and current levels of violence in games. The studies conducted by Anderson and Dill and Gentile, Lynch, Ruh-Linder, and Walsh will, therefore, be reviewed in addition to the two meta-analyses.
The two meta-analysis studies that have explored video game violence are a study by Bensley and Van Eenwyk and Sherry. These authors included available literature on video games leading up to mid-year 2001. The studies were first grouped by research design, experimental, quasi-experimental and correlational, and descriptive.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Video Game Violence and Aggression Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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