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The impact of violent video gaming on aggressive behavior of high school students - Essay Example

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This essay describes the relation between playing violent video games and aggression among high school students. When the specific characteristics of violent video games are considered in isolation, competitiveness of the game had more influence on aggression than the violent content…
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The impact of violent video gaming on aggressive behavior of high school students
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Extract of sample "The impact of violent video gaming on aggressive behavior of high school students"

Download file to see previous pages  Earlier, researchers found that violent content as a variable had a greater contribution to aggression because they did not equate non-violent and violent games based on the speed of action, difficulty and their competitive nature at the same time. For example, the aggression of high school students tends to be more in those who play competitive and difficult games because they need to put more effort to win the game. Therefore, there is a need to determine the effect of the aforementioned characteristics of video games to aggression either separately or in combination (Adachi et al., 260).The research findings were similar to those reported by Morrow and Anderson found that competition affects aggression by altering the heart rate and that competition leads to aggression more than it causes cooperation on the subject studied. Moreover, since the purpose of a competitive video game is to outdo the opponent. The participants were found to develop negative thought and frustration in an attempt to prevent the opponent from winning (Adachi et al, 260). The effect of competition on aggression is also seen in other games such as soccer and hockey that may lead to violence and fighting. Thus, the effect of competition on aggression is evident and more significant than that of violent content in video games.Olson & Cheryl studied the patterns of M- rated games among students and the effects on their behaviors. They found that 20% and 44% of girls and boys respectively were found to have played an M- rated game known as Grand Theft Auto recently. From the statistics, boys were more likely to play the game than girls (Olson & Cheryl 7783). The game could, therefore, be considered a risk indicator for girls. The majority of the students were found to have played an electronic game with boys spending more time in the games than girls.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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