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The focus of this paper is on Career in Psychology and what makes a person behave in a certain manner (Abrahamsen, 2002). The field that interests me is that of criminal psychology.  This is due to the fact that research worldwide has continued to show that the rate of crime…
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Career in Psychology
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Psychology is the study of the human mind in relation to various behavioral changes that tend to expound their actions i.e. by answering vital questions such as how, why and what makes a person behave in a certain manner (Abrahamsen, 2002). The field that interests me is that of criminal psychology.  This is due to the fact that research worldwide has continued to show that the rate of crime has continued and will definitely continue to realize an upward trend over the years ranging from cases of  murder, homicide, theft, cyber crimes as well as terrorism among others.  These crimes have proven difficult for security agencies to handle thereby making it important for the intervention of professionals, to try and demystify crime so as to get to the core factors that would help the society to understand ways in which this enigma can be dealt with. Due to the rising crime rates, this profession becomes a promising venture for interested people especially due to the fact that their services are essential in the dissemination of justice in our criminal justice systems. By understanding why people commit crimes, it becomes possible to assist them after they are confined in correctional facilities for example by offering them with proper guidance and counseling on how to become respectable citizens. It can also help the government to strengthen its institutions for example those involved in wealth creation if the major cause of crime is poverty, or education sector if it is found that lack of education is the contributing factor (Abrahamsen, 2002). Terrorism activities for example were in the past perceived as being encouraged by factors related to diversity in religion but psychologists have come up with other theories of political, economical and ideological dimension as well as revenge for acts committed in the past (Abrahamsen, 2002).  This therefore makes criminal psychology one of the critical fields in psychology that people should venture in since it is almost difficult to wipe out criminal activities in our societies.  Read More
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