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The paper "Why I Really Encouraged to Study Psychology" highlights that an author is a patient person, independent learner and self-motivated. He truly believes that he could be an asset to the university. He is a natural multi-tasker who has the ability to reach the top in each situation…
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Why I Really Encouraged to Study Psychology
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Ever since my cousin was diagnosed with autism, I realized that psychology played a critical role in understanding his behavioral changes. I was able to observe how his illness affected the people around him. This insight into human behaviour has deepened and personalised my interest in psychology. I realized just how important this issue was. Everyone deals with these issues in different ways and psychology is the key to understanding this difference. Ignoring such issues only prevent people from reaching their full potential.
Psychology bridges the gap between cultures and classes. Another observation I have made is how people might deal with a situation like this—an autistic relative—when they come from different backgrounds.  In western cultures, parents seem to be more open in acknowledging and helping the child overcome his autism both at home and at school. The truth is that psychology helps you take into account how different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds influence people when facing adversities in life. These are aspects of psychology that I find utterly interesting and wish to further explore in an academic setting.
The subjects I have studied so far in my academic career have all encouraged me to study psychology. My previous study of geography has given me an advantage in understanding complex patterns of human behavior. An example of this would be migration patterns occurring based on perceived benefits to individuals. My Theory of Knowledge course, taken as a requirement for the IB program, is closely related to the area of cognitive psychology; both explore the way in which people think. Through my study of biology, I have become aware of the importance of the body as a whole when it comes to psychology. For example, hormones influence behavior.
A career in psychology requires competence in working with people. Through my voluntary work, I have developed social skills which should prove useful in my future career as well as in university. Acting as a personal mentor within my school, my duties have involved supporting particular children with learning difficulties and working with those individuals in the class. Paired reading is another scheme I am involved in. A younger student reads a passage to me and whilst listening I provide assistance and encouragement as required. Outside of school, I pay visits to an elderly care home and give company to the residents there, learning to work in a caring capacity at the same time.
I have volunteered at the Eurasian marathon in Istanbul and where I helped out with the registration process, which required multitasking and working under pressure due to the large crowds. I was there the entire day of the marathon at the finish line giving people instructions. I proved myself to be helpful as I could communicate with the majority of the people, as English is my mother tongue and I can speak Turkish fluently. I have also been studying Spanish since Year 8.
I am continuously volunteering at school events including planning and supervising school dances and fundraisers and for the secondary and primary schools. I participated in Model United Nations classes at school and have attended a conference in Greece. This conference proved to be beneficial in developing my confidence and improving my public speaking skills. And by working in a group with a variety of people my team-working skills were highlighted. I have always enjoyed playing the piano, which not only allows me to relax during my studies but has taught me to be disciplined.
The main reason I would like to study in the UK is that I believe it is home to some of the best universities in the world. Once I finish my undergraduate course, I would like to study further in the field of psychology, possibly focusing on child psychology.
 I can assure you that you are not making the wrong decision by accepting my letter of admission. I will not only work hard to prove myself worthy of your acceptance but I will work hard to surpass your expectations.
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