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Improving Personal Performance - Essay Example

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In this paper “Improving Personal Performance” the author tried to present some of the views of the people with whom he has underwent coaching or learning, with regard to his performance and improvement at various issues like getting good job, maintaining good relationship, improving qualifications, etc. …
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Improving Personal Performance
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Extract of sample "Improving Personal Performance"

Download file to see previous pages Senge (1990) mentioned that importance of possessing the ability to learn faster than the competitors which is part of learning organization. It is further mentioned that work must become more meaningful in view of the complex business and dynamic work and it is necessary for the organizations to find out new ways of retaining employees with good and extraordinary talent so as to excel in the future. Banker et al (1993)  stated the importance of continuous quality improvement in which increased control of the production process by line workers is one of the principal aspects of improvement. Similarly personal performance could be improved through continuous skill up-gradation to achieve enhanced recognition. It is further stated that interrelationships between performance, organizational structure and control systems which have been discussed in various contexts. Grol (1997)  while presenting the changes in clinical practice outlined the importance of quality performance so as to achieve success through the use of different theories and approaches. Educational approaches are strongly influenced by a phenomenological view of human personality where basic belief is that change is driven by an internal striving for professional competence. Therefore change is necessary to succeed in ever changing business environment by updating personal skills with new qualifications and performing abilities. Whereas epidemiological approaches view human beings as rational who make decisions on the basis of balancing rational arguments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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