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Personal development planning is the creation of action plans that are aimed at recording an individual achievement, reflecting on ones learning performance as well as achievement. It is based on contextualizing ones all round personal, career and education development. It helps…
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Personal Development Planning - Report
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Download file to see previous pages Lastly, a personal development plan aids in creating a plan that a person needs in order to acquire skills that he or she may need for his or her academic studies and their aspired careers.
A PDP is of benefit to an individual as a way of assessing their academic performance, professional life as well as their personal life (Hepworth 2011). Some of the advantages of a PDP in ones academic performance are as follows:
Creating a balance between personal interests and studies is something that many students fail to achieve. Failing to achieve any of them usually make one feel stressed and their productivity may fall which can affect ones personal relationships. Ability of creating the balance in work life and study is important to students PDP in various ways. First, it improves an individual’s efficiency at work and studies (Hepworth 2011). Working too much or studying for long hours can make one feel fatigued. Lack of breaks can easily affect individuals performance negatively which may result to poor grades at school or poor output for working individuals. Second, it makes one flexible. Flexibility is important in ensuring as well as maintaining balanced work and study life. If this is not achieved, either of the two is bound to fail and lastly, balancing the two makes one feel rewarded. When you feel positively engaged with work, hours seem to pass quickly and so does your performance improve. The same applies to studies whereby one starts to improve in his or her studies.
In our current generation, being computer literate is an added advantage in almost every type of job. This is usually accompanied by numerical skills which is another marketable skill in the job hunting. Therefore, it is advisable that every student should have recent computer skills and at least some numerical skills. An individual’s ability to read and write and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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