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Successful mentors are those who develop relationships that foster growth & development in others(Walsh 2010).Supporting your an - Essay Example

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The Attributes/Qualities of a Mentor Essay Date Word Count Name Institution Affiliation: The mentoring process is designed to enhance the personal growth and development of the mentee. Mentors work towards inspiring and empowering the mentees, while mentees work hand in hand with the mentors to improve most, if not all, aspects of their life…
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Successful mentors are those who develop relationships that foster growth & development in others(Walsh 2010).Supporting your an
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will primarily focus on mentoring in relation to the characteristics or traits that enable mentors to undertake their duties and responsibilities. The paper will also analyse the extent to which successful mentoring is informed by these characteristics or enabling traits, and finally highlight strategies that could see mentors enhance their mentoring qualities. A mentor is expected to exhibit a given level of experience or a set of qualities/attributes that enhance effective and efficient mentorship Walsh (2010). Such attributes allow the parties involved to relate in a way that is mutually beneficial and productive in their respective fields. In a bid to enhance mentees’ growth and development, mentors should build functional relationships that best address the issues, concerns, or interests of the mentees. To do so, mentors require a number of traits, personal characteristics, attributes, or qualities. These aspects allow them to establish strong ties with their mentees, as they work to inspire, encourage, motivate, empower, and challenge the mentees. The first quality or attribute in this line is respect. Mentors have to be respectful to their mentees. Although mentors are most likely more experienced than the mentees, the mentors have a duty to respect their mentees in order to produce the desired results. Without respect, the resultant relationships are less likely to be functional, and the whole mentoring process could fail. It is important to note that the respect factor in this case should be mutual. That is to say that mentors will respect mentees who will show some respect in return. Otherwise, mentors will find it difficult to deal with disrespectful mentees if their respect is not appreciated. According to Elcock and Sharples (2011), respect is a critical factor in any given form of relationship, regardless of the setting within which the relationship is established. The relationship between mentors and mentees is built on trust; this is according to Hinchliff (2004). Either of the two parties involved should find it easy to confide in the other. Without trust, the entire mentoring process becomes prone to operational difficulties, especially if trust issues emanate from the mentor’s side. Mentors who are trustworthy are highly likely to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the mentees, thereby ensuring that mentoring process achieves its purpose. Trustful grounds are created when mentors accord their efforts towards building the mentees’ life positively. Basing this on inspire, motivate, and challenge mode of mentorship allows the mentor to focus on every aspect of the mentee’s life within and without the learning environment. The form of interaction between mentors and mentees calls for mentors to be understanding. Mentees are normally faced with critical issues, concerns, or interests. Striking a balance between them and the mentee’s personal life can prove to be a difficult task. While it may or may not seem to be the case with the mentors, the understanding trait for mentors is fundamental in order to effectively relate with, enhance the growth, and develop their mentees. Working with people whom they do not understand could result in negative results to the mentees. Mentorship, in the light of Aston’s and Hallam’s (2011) arguments, requires that mentors place themselves ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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