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Attributes & Qualities that can Enhance Mentor's Effectiveness - Essay Example

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Attributes and Qualities that can Enhance Mentor's Effectiveness Introduction Mentorship is an important psychological relationship that cannot effectively deliver its objectives without the appropriate environment, which depends on the qualities of the mentor…
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Attributes & Qualities that can Enhance Mentors Effectiveness
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Download file to see previous pages Awareness and implementation of appropriate mentor attributes establishes the correct environment for the nursing learner to benefit from the outcomes (Aston and Hallam 2011, p64). In this discourse, the attributes required for a mentor to deliver improved learner outcomes in the nursing profession are highlighted and elaborated. Despite the fact that psychological and learning relationships are factors of a myriad principles and elements, a few stand out exceptionally well as discussed in this discourse. A mentor takes the form of a special teacher mainly due to the basic learning experience that the student obtains from a successful mentorship program where the learning nurse develops (Clark, Jasper & West, (2007, p15). The difference between the mentor and the ordinary teacher surrounds the discharge of professional nurturing for a longer time than the actual course period. The continuation of the relationship until the learner completely settles in nursing is important, which makes the relationship different from teacher-student relationship. A mentor should exhibit certain desirable traits that are important in the establishment of the expected outcomes in the mentorship relationship. In order for the students to obtain the quality learning outcomes preparing them for a good professional nursing experience, the mentor needs to demonstrate certain level of dedication and understanding of issues at the psychological level (Hinchcliff 2004, p65). Among the most important qualities of a mentor, confidence, assertiveness, and empathy facilitate successful mentorship process. Confidence In nearly every nurturing relationship, the senior party needs to demonstrate confidence to the junior party in order to develop the desired outcomes with time progression. In order for the learner to understand every aspect of nursing profession with the appropriate confidence, the figure looked to for the training and experience must be the sole sources of confidence. Despite the role of the teacher in terms of academic and professional attitude cannot be underestimated in the building of confidence, the significance of confidence building outside the lecture hall in nursing is specifically important. To illustrate the significance of a secondary trainer with better confidence training opportunity, the mentor’s professional relationship with the student captures a longer and direct participation than the teacher’s position. Professional confidence demonstrated by the mentor therefore captures important professional practice that may not be imparted in the classroom (Hughes and Kinnell 2010, p78). The novice nurses are required to demonstrate impeccable leadership and professional concentration that depends on the quality of faith they have in their discharge of duties. To demonstrate the highest quality of professional prowess, the trainers’ quality must not bear a blemish. In view of the mentor’s role ion instilling confidence and professional belief in the novice nurse, it is imperative that confidence levels remain at top-notch level at every mentorship episode. Confidence entails demonstration of masterly and willingness to provide leadership in every task that the nurse will undertake. Within the correct frame of mind influenced by confidence, the nurse gets extra skills to tackle challenges that a learner without confidence would not solve. If the mentor is confident, the novice nurse gains better professional ideas and therefore less likely to make mistakes. An ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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