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Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience - Term Paper Example

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Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience Institution Affiliation: Date: Education is an opening to many opportunities which are meant to improve our intellectual understanding of what we have learnt, not only in our books but also from day to day activities…
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Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience
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"Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience"

Download file to see previous pages For students to learn they must have tutors or teachers to take then through class work and other activities. Student-teacher relationship should be tailored towards improving the current status of the student both intellectually and morally and in a positive way (Hargreaves & Goodson, 2006). Teachers are supposed to prepare their students for the interdependent world that nowadays is a global village. Teachers while preparing students should put in mind that the students they are preparing are to be incorporated in this developing world where development has taken center stage. The theoretical part of the study should be practically practiced. This opens up the mind of students making them able to be open minded in their profession and effectively teach others in any part of the world. Learning is a gradual process which needs time and patience. People are different in understanding and grasping things when being taught. This calls for patience from the teacher. The lessons should be systematic to avoid forgetfulness and enhance grasping crucial information by students. The teacher should put up a methodology which is applicable to students. This helps the students to move together, if in a group and at almost similar pace. The method being used by the teacher should be aimed at improving the students understanding of the topic or subject being taught. The capability of the teacher is well seen by the way he/she teaches. The method used should be easy to understand by the students. Communication is vital in exchanging information. The way a teacher communicates with the students will eventually make then understand or fail. It’s important for the teacher to ensure that the students do not realize your weak points because that will affect their psychological perception about you and even take you for granted. The seriousness you accord to your work and towards the students will always make students build enough confidence in you. The language being used by the teacher should be understood by the students putting in mind that the teacher should try to elaborate further if a point is not yet home. Students largely depend on their teacher for reliable information since they trust in their teacher and believe that whatever they are taught is true. The learning materials used should also portray the truth and similar information since people today work in different countries and therefore it will be easier for them if the same information is taught all over the world. The relationship between the teacher and the student should be morally upright and essentially meant to improve the student capabilities both in class and extra curriculum activities. There is also evidence in the long run of students studying in other parts of the world having been taught similar things in their respective schools returning and being able to cope well with the of needs and wants of the society experienced in the current job market. Flexibility and openness (Eduventures, 2008) and ability to apply creative solutions to classroom conflicts while promoting intercultural interdependence in their classrooms. The teacher should instill self-confidence and honesty to his/her students. Students who wish to be teachers also gain a better understanding of the broader nature of teaching as a worldwide profession and begin to realize that the basic skills and qualities of an effective teacher are universal. Putting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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