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D.Taking on a new position as a senior team leader in the World Health Organization in Geneva: the first 30 days - Essay Example

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It involves defining a team’s direction and communicating it to the relevant individuals in the team. In addition, leaders in an organisation promote hard…
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D.Taking on a new position as a senior team leader in the World Health Organization in Geneva: the first 30 days
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Extract of sample "D.Taking on a new position as a senior team leader in the World Health Organization in Geneva: the first 30 days"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, leaders should have the ability to adapt to new working environment as well as the portrayal of high levels of patience when handling their subordinates (Connor, 2003).
The World Health Organisation is an agency of the United Nations that specialises in promoting international health. The organisation was established in 1948 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The main responsibility of the World Health organisation is to assist individuals with medical problems across the globe. W.H.O also assists individuals affected by various medical calamities in different parts of the world such as hunger issues and infectious medical situations in various countries (Connolly, 2008). Leadership in the World Health Organisation entails the process of establishing appropriate management approaches to promote the availability of health facilities and services in the world. The World Health Organisation ensures that all its employees across the globe promote good work ethics in their designated positions. In addition, the leadership of the organisation promotes equality in its services to various countries worldwide (Nielsen, 2001). The leadership is also responsible for maintaining good public relations in the world regarding the quality and distribution of their services (Powell, 2000). A team leadership position at the World Health organisation is quite challenging for an individual. Leadership challenges encountered by fresh team leaders include Technological developments, changing perceptions, the changing environment, increasing expectations and changing workforce in addition to cultural diversity and increasing pace of change (Dickenson-Hazard, 2004).
Leaders experience challenges when handling the needs of an organization and its team members. Team leaders have the responsibility of promoting productivity and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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