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Role of Mentor in Evaluating Student Learning - Essay Example

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The following essay would critically evaluate the role of mentor in evaluating student learning in the nursing profession because the role of mentors and teachers becomes crucial as they are major facilitators of learning processes for children, young adults and students of higher learning…
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Role of Mentor in Evaluating Student Learning
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Download file to see previous pages NMC (2008) emphasizes that qualified mentors are equipped with certain qualities which helps them to facilitate learning and assess students in practice settings. Some of these qualities as defined by Kerry and Mayes (1995) are: role modelling; nurturing attribute; capable of enhancing professional competencies of mentee; and building constructive relationship not only as teacher, friend or counsellor but as one of carer that is sustained over a period of time. The mentors exert extensive influence on the learners and often act as role models for them. Consequently, the moral responsibilities of mentor are significantly more pronounced. Most importantly, in the era of fast globalization, ethical considerations and moral obligations become critical factors in healthcare industry and effective mentoring helps to inculcate and promote ethics within their profession.
As per NMC (2008), mentoring involves eight major roles as: preceptor; assessor; clinical educator; clinical supervision; clinical supervisor; Practice teacher; registrant, supervisor. Preceptor primarily has basic minimum qualification of atleast twelve months’ experience in the desired area.UK government provides the facility of preceptors to all new nurses to help them to become dedicated registrants. While assessor is equipped with necessary skills to assess students’ competencies, Clinical educators, clinical supervision and clinical supervisor help the nursing students to enhance their skills in clinical setting through effective feedback. Waskett (2010) believes that it helps the students to become confident and acquire skills that improve their performance. The rest of the roles of mentor differ with different areas in healthcare and medical environment. Hawkins and Shohet (2006) assert that supervisors as mentors are important as they help ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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