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The role of the practice mentor - Essay Example

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They provide health care and medical assistance to a person when he or she finds oneself in most helpless state. Their responsibility is just next to the doctors. Even most of the times,…
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The role of the practice mentor
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Download file to see previous pages A mentor is the one who bears the responsibility for their training and development. So, there is no need to further describe how efficient and knowledgeable the mentor should be. For understanding the function of a mentor, one should understand that who is a mentor and what is its actual role in development of efficient nurses and midwives.
A mentor plays an important role is everyone’s life. An individual gets the chance to explore the world around through the eyes of its mentor. Thus mentor can be defined as “An experienced and trusted advisor. An experienced person in an organisation or institution who trains and counsels new employees or students” (The Sloan Work and Family Research Network. 2009).
Mentoring and teaching differs from each other in some respects. Basically mentoring is the process, through which less experienced professionals get a chance to share experience of someone who has gather good knowledge in the same field. So through the process of mentoring the individual gets more benefited because the knowledge which one received is focused toward his or her own working field and provides clear cut guidelines through impaling them in the working one can easily move toward higher ladders in their career path.
Mentoring is equally beneficial for both mentor and mentee as they both come to know each other and can explore each others’ positive and negative points. Thus motoring creates a professional as well as emotional bonding between both of them. The mentee can easily develop knowledge, skill, experience and compatibility required for carrying out job responsibility. The mentor helps the mentee to build his career path and attain heights. Many a time mentor provides contacts to mentee for creating networking and provides guidance that how one can develop good networking skills (The Sloan Work And Family Research Network. 2009).
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The Role of the Practice Mentor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words - 1.
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