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On an ethical dilemma of your choice,in reference to specific academic dialouge, what is the ethically correct position on your chosen dilemma Defend your choice using arguments from the philosophy of ethics,facts,&good critical reasoning skills - Research Paper Example

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This is because the question of ethics in any field has to be viewed according to several viewpoints. They include religious beliefs and customs, social practices that have…
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On an ethical dilemma of your choice,in reference to specific academic dialouge, what is the ethically correct position on your chosen dilemma Defend your choice using arguments from the philosophy of ethics,facts,&good critical reasoning skills
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Extract of sample "On an ethical dilemma of your choice,in reference to specific academic dialouge, what is the ethically correct position on your chosen dilemma Defend your choice using arguments from the philosophy of ethics,facts,&good critical reasoning skills"

Download file to see previous pages When such questions come up, dilemmas can crop up as to whether a particular action is proper or improper with reference to the above mentioned viewpoints. This paper looks at the ethical dilemma of including those sportspersons who use steroids in sports in their respective ‘Hall of Fames’. In the process, the paper will take into account ethical theories and dilemmas, social, religious, and legal viewpoints before arriving at a conclusion.
In the United States (and many other countries) sportsmen and women are honored for their outstanding achievements by inducting them into the hall of fame. It appears that there is a ‘hall of fame’ for practically every recognized sport including events like athletics, baseball, football, gymnastics, and soccer. There are some acts that are commonly seen as unethical universally and it includes the use of steroids in sports. Again there are some sport events that are unique to a region or country that may raise the question of ethics elsewhere. For example, the one of the most popular sporting past time in Spain is bull fighting. It is a cruel sport and will be considered to be unethical according to religious, social and personal viewpoints in many other regions. But it is not considered to be illegal or unethical in the country. Violating the rules of a particular game or sport will be an example of an act that is universally considered to be unethical. This also holds good for the use of steroids (anabolic steroids) for improving personal performance in sports. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the use of such steroids results in the increase of testosterone which can improve physical strength of a person who uses them. This hormone can drastically improve the muscle mass of a male or female athlete giving them an advantage over other competitors not accustomed to its use. The department states that “the International ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The essential symbolism behind The Road Not Taken is the freedom of choice. Frost advances this metaphor by comparing the decision-making process to, “Two roads diverged(ing) in a yellow wood.” It’s notable that Frost uses the ‘roads’ for his symbolic task over the perhaps more clichéd choice of ‘paths&rsqu...
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