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American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic - Essay Example

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This paper tells that mental illness is characterized by an abnormal mental condition. Mental illness can also be referred as ‘mental disorder’, and is a key issue for the mental health care providers.The mental illness is not considered as a physical illness…
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American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic
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Download file to see previous pages The duration and severity of symptoms decide the treatment strategy. The biopsychiatrists discuss mental illness with limiting biological criteria which includes heritability, biochemical markers, and anatomical lesions. The federal mental health policy includes all disorders in DSM. In order to receive appropriate treatment, care, and respect to seriously mentally ill populations; policymakers and clinicians have surveyed service programs and epidemiological studies. Previously seriously mentally ill populations are categorized according to their residence in state institutions. After the process of discharging clients from institutions, definitions used in the clinical literature and federal policy are diverse but focuses on all issues related to mental illness like diagnosis, functional disability, and the duration of illness. The state uses three terms consisting of "broad-based mental illness," "serious mental illness," and "biologically based mental illness" to define mental illness (Peck & Scheffler, 2002).
The primary treatment responsibility for the mentally ill individuals is shifted from State mental health and mental retardation facilities to service providers in community-based settings by the report created by federal law to Congress and launched in 1965. The benefits of deinstitutionalization were aimed to improve behavioral outcomes, enhance life satisfaction, and the greater level of competence in activities of daily living.
This concept of deinstitutionalization has not been effective in providing needed services to the mentally ill individuals from all aspects involved right from ethical to legal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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