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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Essay Example

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According to the U.S. Surgeon General, and ICD-9-CM (International Classification of Disease Revised Edition 2005), ADHD is a metabolic form of encephalopathy, impairing the release and homeostasis of neurological chemicals, and reducing the function of the limbic system…
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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Extract of sample "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"

Download file to see previous pages Barring the technical jargon, what it means in its essence is that a child has trouble in focusing his attention in tasks. Regardless of the difficult and duration of the task, the individual finds it difficult to pin down his concentration on the specific issue at hand. The characteristic feature about this disorder is that it would be more visible in public or social settings, and where ever the child is being put to task among others. Here, direct comparison is available with others, and the lack of output provided by the child gives substantial proof of his lapse in concentration. However, in one-on-one instances, it is more difficult to pinpoint this disorder.
Concerning the symptoms of the condition, states:
“A child may be exhibiting symptoms of Inattention if he or she often: ignores details; makes careless mistakes, has trouble sustaining attention in work or play, does not seem to listen when directly addressed, does not follow through on instructions; fails to finish, has difficulty organizing tasks and activities, avoids activities that require a sustained mental effort, loses things he or she needs, gets distracted by extraneous noise and activities, is forgetful in daily activities. Because all children behave in these ways at times, only a professional can diagnose a child with ADHD.
“A child may be exhibiting symptoms of Hyperactivity if he or she often:fidgets or squirms, has to get up from seat, runs or climbs when he or she shouldn't, has difficulty with quiet leisure activities, is on the go, as if driven by a motor, and talks excessively. A child may be exhibiting symptoms of Impulsivity if he or she often: blurts out answers before questions have been completed, has difficulty waiting his or her turn, and interrupts or intrudes on others.”
Wikipedia further adds:
"ADD/ADHD behavior traits are often mistaken for hyperactivity. Many with the disorder can't concentrate on tasks given to them, but are not necessarily hyperactive. In recent years, a large number of those diagnosed with the disorder have shown to be rather calm and quiet, but are unable to pay attention in some contexts because of the focus on their own thoughts.
"ADHD is sometimes associated with higher school drop-out rates, traffic accidents, on-the-job injuries, and bankruptcies. A conjectured positive aspect of medication is that the person with the disorder can then put into action their individual intelligence and interests. On the other hand, symptoms are often identified in school or business settings, where individual interests are regarded as distractions and originality is discouraged. In this context, medication serves the purpose of normalizing the school or business atmosphere.
Comer believes that "There is considerable disagreement about the most effective treatment for ADHD" (664). This in turn goes on to show that a diverse usage of treatment methodologies further puts the condition of the child in probable jeopardy. However, it is generally believed that parents and teachers combined can make a considerable difference in the aptitude and behavior of the child. Although this may not be taken as a treatment or scientific therapy as such, however, the effectiveness of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bipolar disorder is rare in young children, but more common in adolescents. Detection can be problematic, particularly given that the presentation is similar to major depression. As a result, youth with bipolar disorder may not be diagnosed accurately until they reach a psychiatric inpatient unit (Burns, et al. 1999...
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There has also been a long debate and research over the question that whether parents should medicate a child with ADHD. Many doctors and analysts say that medication is the best solution for such children; others say medication should simply not be used on children so young, and some say that medication should never be used alone or as a substitute for other treatments.
The current treatments that are available for ADHD are for reducing the symptoms and improving functioning. There are no specific treatments that could completely cure the disorder. This is because there are primarily no biological tests that would show that a child is suffering from AHDH, these are merely symptoms that would help in the diagnosis (Passmore 1...
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