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Approaches to research - Essay Example

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All environments including the classroom have the ability to contribute to the process of development of adults and children. The process also helps in developing interaction between adults and children. One of the most important roles of the early year's specialist is providing this creative and stimulation within the classroom that children require, which encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning and self motivation to aid in the child's holistic development, making them active and experiential learners…
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Approaches to research
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Download file to see previous pages The National Association of School Psychologists state 'that rewarding learning environments encourages motivational development'.
The environments that a early years specialist provide the children to experience in their early years of life are responsible for creating their understanding of many concepts, giving them spatial awareness, educating their senses, nourishing their curiosity and encouraging their interaction. They promote the integration of learning experiences across the curriculum to help children make links between prior and new understandings.
It should be mentioned beforehand that "second language learning" is not intended to contrast with foreign language learning. "Second language learning" is used here as a general term that embraces both untutored (or naturalistic) acquisition and tutored (or classroom) learning. Also, the term "children", in this paper, is used to address those under the age of twelve - the end of puberty; and "adults " are those at the age of eighteen or older. The transition period (teenage years), however, is not within the scope of this research.
In theIn the light of recent accomplishments in neurolinguistics, biology, as well as psychology, it can be said that the process of second language learning is, by nature, the process of the brain choosing to integrate certain language input into the inner language resources. This procedure involves the activation of many different components of the nervous system, comprising both peripheral nervous system (PNS) and the brain. According to Arnold (1999), language stimuli, perceived through the auditory and visual organs, are sent to the brain sensory cortex via thousands of neurons in the PNS. Some other cortices appraise the stimuli for their emotional relevance and motivational significance. A consequent state, a particular emotion, is then created in the body and communicated back to the brain to help the individual decide which mental or motor actions to take. Then, if assessed as relevant, the stimuli are sent to special areas in the brain for procession. Additional accompaniments such as smell, colour, context...clutch to the language input in the short-term memory to make it meaningful. Relevant language data stored in long-term memory are collected to be compared and to interact with the new data. Under suitable conditions, the products of this interaction will be stored (pp. 29-36). The result of this process is that the information net of the long-term memory is mutated, with the added mental images or the transmutation of the previous ones into new forms.
It is also necessary to know that memory is made of millions of neural circuits, each of which encodes "information" in association with certain input. It is noted that "in early stages of learning, neural circuits are activated piecemeal, incompletely and weakly." (Genesse, 2000). In this way, the language is memorized for a short duration, and these circles are quite susceptible to modification. However, their inherence grows with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Approaches to Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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