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Environmental management involves conservation of natural resources, control of hazards and protection of habitats with the aim of enhancing resource sustainability. The modern efforts of environmental management focus on pollution prevention rather than reacting to crises and…
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Unit IV Research Paper Outline
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Research Paper Outline I. Introduction Environmental management involves conservation of natural resources, control of hazards and protection of habitats with the aim of enhancing resource sustainability. The modern efforts of environmental management focus on pollution prevention rather than reacting to crises and compliance.
II. Background
The environment is currently undergoing widespread degradation due to rapid growth of industries. Environmental stakeholders have realized the necessity of focusing on proper approaches towards environmental management in order to conserve natural resources for future generations.
III. Methods
The research will be carried out using observations and secondary sources containing literature concerning environmental management. The researcher will observe the approaches to conservation used locally, and carry out library studies to collect additional data concerning efforts to environmental management.
IV. Results
Findings from research will be presented using tables, figures, and diagrams.
The results will involve aspects of:
1. shifting from public apathy to public concern-human beings have changed their attitudes from indifference and gotten concerned about the adversities of environmental destruction
2. the role of local, national and international interests in environmental interests-both governmental and non-governmental organizations play crucial roles in environmental management.
3. the necessity of regulatory compliance to continuous improvement-it is necessary for everyone to comply with the regulatory frameworks of environmental management to enhance environmental quality and sustainability.
4. comparison of environmental destruction costs to competitive advantages-the costs of environmental destruction surpasses the benefits that accrue from exploiting it.
V. Conclusion
Environmental management is critical for prevention of environmental degradation (Khanna & Ajendra, 2013). All citizens should assume a collective responsibility in identifying and preventing agents of environmental destruction.
Work Cited
Khanna, D. R., & Ajendra, K. (2013). Environmental management. New Delhi: Daya Pub. House. Read More
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