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The Sustainable Agribusiness Model - Research Paper Example

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Britain, for example, moved from the fallow system and adopted a mechanized system where the land was consolidated and farmed on large scale. The approach enabled production of various food…
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The Sustainable Agribusiness Model
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Download file to see previous pages ted practices used in agriculture were found to be productive in the short run but less effective in the long-term due to nutrients depletion (Paoletti and David 7). In fact, soils that have been overly farmed with commercial fertilizers have become overly dependent on fertilizers, without which they are unproductive. That does not imply that fertilizers should not be used in farming, but that there should be a guide on the quantity used over a certain period.
Therefore, there is a need to find a balance between resource efficiency and agricultural productivity. Finding such a balance is often challenging although its results are desirable. Agricultural production can be approached through incorporation of cleaner production techniques that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Such an approach is anticipated to help agribusinesses create sustainable solutions through an innovative and cost-effective process (Allen et al. 3). This paper shall discuss some of the possible perspectives on sustainable agribusiness model that may be adopted as possible models.
There have been various perspectives on the adoption of a sustainable agribusiness model. According to Agrios, there is increased desire to adopt methods that are perceived as environment friendly for the agribusiness model. Such methods have been seen as offering the best approach to agribusiness, as they do not pollute the environment. Research has shown that sometimes farmers overuse fertilizers on their farms. After a while, such practices lead to nutrients loss in the soil such that the land cannot do without secondary fertilizer. Combined with chemical controls, research shows that continued use may result into the chemicals finding their way into other environments and later various tropical levels (Agrios 34).
In a bid to alleviate such possibility, some scholars had recommended the use of non-chemical controls in farming. Agrios (12) observes that the other danger to adopting such a model is that farmers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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