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Information Technology and The Environment - Research Paper Example

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It is worth noting that with increasing scientific research across all fields, there is much that has been explored in the field of environment, the field of information technology, as well as the connectivity between the two fields. However, it is worth contenting that there is…
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Information Technology and The Environment
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Extract of sample "Information Technology and The Environment"

Download file to see previous pages The public conscious concerning the issues of environment have risen so as to respond to the scientific research and the increasing media reporting on the environmental threats and global warming. In business, the sustainability of the environment is a vital section of the movement to corporate social responsibility. On the side of the policy, laws of environment that are new, targets, and regulations have been set at all governmental levels. To date, the environment is high on the firms agenda, non-government organisations, governments and consumers. The possibility of strong international and national commitment in reducing the emission of greenhouse gas and obtain the required goals of environment will establish pressure of finding ways of achieving huge efficiency in the energy usage while maintaining the growth of the economy. The global warming threat is closely associated to the challenges of energy security and the increasing cost of energy, as the emissions of GHG are highly correlated in the use of energy. This makes the environmental convergence, economic interests and security of the environment to increase.
In the community of information systems, the concept of sustainability became a significant issue in the aspects of reducing the direct impacts of the environment and the use of information technology. The efficiency of energy in data and hardware centres progresses towards a huge attention deal, provided the ability of reducing the emissions and low costs of energy. Another issue of concern in the environment is the recycling of the electronic waste. In the industry of information and technology, major companies of hardware advocate for the environmental friendly design elimination and reusability of chemicals that are toxic.
In this regard, there are reported studies that have notably been explored in the field of environment and information technology. Zadok ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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