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The Changing Climatic Condition in Nigeria: Environmental Concern - Research Paper Example

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This report provides an innovative approach to meet the various challenges faced by the Nigerian Transportation System through the help of Strategic Environmental Assessment. The transportation system of the nation has been found to be in a very poor state…
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The Changing Climatic Condition in Nigeria: Environmental Concern
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Download file to see previous pages Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a collection of strategic approaches with the aim of integrating the various environmental considerations to support the sustainable development of the environment. SEA is an effort to have a strategic approach towards the various environmental issues which requires critical analysis and participatory approaches for integrating all of the environmental issues and present them in the format of policies, plans, and programmes. The process of SEA helps in ensuring the developmental activities towards the environment which are taking place according to the policies, plans, and programmes developed through the process. The tool of SEA has proved to be an effective measure in achieving sustainable development in the context of public planning and policy development (SEA-info, 2008). The SEA is performed prior to the introduction of environmental impact assessment (EIA) which serve as a decision making process concerned to the environmental issues and considerations. Due to the early requirement of SEA, it is also considered as the key approach towards the achievement of sustainable development (UNECE, 2003). The SEA can be described as a method of identifying the way which supports the application of relevant procedural criteria into the decision-making process. The underlying concept of SEA is based on criteria such as the functional description of the process of decision making, decision windows, various implications of decision windows onto the environmental condition, and the procedural criteria which are found to be relevant and considerable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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