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Climate Change and Its Impact - Essay Example

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An essay "Climate Change and Its Impact" will show the fingerprint and harbinger of climate change manifesting through erratic weather patterns or ecological conditions and the possible solutions that can be offered to mitigate its impact. The particular discussion is given to Dubai…
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Climate Change and Its Impact
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Extract of sample "Climate Change and Its Impact"

Download file to see previous pages This project will show the fingerprint and harbinger of climate change manifesting through erratic weather patterns or ecological conditions and the possible solutions that can be offered to mitigate its impact. The particular discussion is given to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The effects of climate change are increasingly felt in many parts around the world. Human life and activities are affected by weather and climate, and changes in climate affect man and animals, food production, water sources and health (Department of Ecology, n.d.). Short-term changes in climate can be classified as normal weather conditions, but utilizing observation on a long-term basis, a trend in changing climate has been identified (Department of Ecology, n.d.). The drastic and unusual effect of climate change that have affected not a few countries are the following: coldest winter in UK in 2008-2009 (since 1996-1997), strong North Atlantic storm in British Isles in 2009 (disrupted power and damaged buildings), Midwest heavy rains and worst floods in June 2008 (since 1993), hurricane Omar in July 2008 with winds of 205 km/hour and ravaged a wide area for 17 days, tropical storm Fay that hit Florida four times with its 100 km/hour winds, the worst drought that hit Spain and Portugal in 2008, the worst South California wildfire that damaged an area of 8,100 hectares in April 2009, the worst Mexico drought in August 2009 that affected 3.5 million farmers, the northern Africa flooding that affected Algeria and Morocco in September to November 2008, and several others (UNEP, 2009). Due to the obvious effects of climate change that include erratic and strong weather conditions, fluctuating temperatures, or changing seasons, states and nations, international organizations, concerned groups and individuals call on everyone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Climate Change and Its Impact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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