The heat is on: in the U.S.,Climate change is here and now and the future by Phil Plate - Essay Example

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The concept of earth getting heated up, due to natural and manmade changes, is denied by many of the scientists for various reasons. In the article, The Heat Is On: In…
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The heat is on: in the U.S.,Climate change is here and now and the future by Phil Plate
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Extract of sample "The heat is on: in the U.S.,Climate change is here and now and the future by Phil Plate"

Climate Change by Phil Plait Climate change is one of the controversial topics emerging among the world scientists and climatic researchers. The concept of earth getting heated up, due to natural and manmade changes, is denied by many of the scientists for various reasons. In the article, The Heat Is On: In the U.S., Climate Change Is Here and Now and the Future, Phil Plait directly opposes this view of climate change denial. He states that the earth is getter warmer in the recent decades and climate change that is happening now is sure to affect the future earth. Moreover, he stresses on the fact that the current global warming is impacted by both manmade and natural influences. To add to his point, he backs up the causes of global warming from the report released by the Nation Climate Assessment. The bottom line of his argument is that the impacts of global warming are far-reaching for not only humans but every species on earth.
He claims that the influence of manmade and natural forces in climate change, during the past century, has contributed to a steep rise in global temperature. This argument proposed by Plait debunking the climate change deniers is substantial. The author’s purpose is to make a clear statement to the audience regarding the reality of climate change and its impacts on the human lives. He provides his arguments opposing the climate change deniers about their concerns on the global warming and its impacts. He bases his argument in the context of the existing global warming issue and how it is perceived in the United States’ political arena. He also uses the NCA reports as a solid evidence to present the prevailing effects of global warming in various regions within the United States. The audience that the author focuses on includes the general public, who are totally unaware of the existing changes and are easily manipulated with the devious statements from the climate change deniers.
The fact that climate change and global warming are causing far-reaching effects on earth is strongly evidenced from the NCA reports. The report clearly states that the current temperature hike in the world has been influenced greatly by the humans than the nature. From the presented graph, it can be concluded that only natural factors would not produce this much of warming effects on the global temperature. Particularly, the report concentrates on the United States, mentioning that the temperature has visibly increased in the past decades to a considerable level. It is also estimated that “temperatures are projected to rise another 2°F to 4°F in most areas of the United States over the next few decades.” (Plait, 2014).
The evidence from the NCA reports also emphasizes that climate change has profound impact on various sectors of human life, including agriculture, water, human health, energy, transportation, forests, ecosystems and much more. These impacts would consequently affect the productivity and revenue of the nation, apart from producing adverse effects on livestock, plantation and weather conditions. “Climate change will also alter the stability of food supplies and create new food security challenges for the United States as the world seeks to feed nine billion people by 2050.” (Plait, 2014).
Thus, it can be concluded that Plait’s argument is authentic in the current global scenario of climate change, even though it is opposed by few or many. However, the effective response for the climate change denial has to be less scientific and more sociological, which will make the argument to gain momentum among the audience. Overall, the claim that climate change is real and its consequences are far-reaching is undeniable, as per the evidences supported by Plait. Even though the facts argued are reasonable, gaining acceptance and resolution for it is still a question of fact.
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