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Development Psychology - Essay Example

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Interest in man as a person is as old as the humankind. Ancient philosophers dwelt upon this subject in many ways mulling over the psychological changes and philosophical outcome of it. Man as a subject that interested thinkers because "person is an individual substance of a rational nature: that is he possesses, either in actuality or in potential, the ability to know and the ability to choose…
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Development Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages Development Psychology and parenthood are interrelated in million ways. Developmental Psychology today is a complete systematic subject of study with vast dimensions. Every facet of development during life had been explored and re-explored many times over with interesting research results. Psychologists are using this branch of study as fundamental base for their practice.
According to Dr. Freud, an infant's emotional tie to his/her mother is the foundation for later relationship and this was supported by the subsequent research that followed. Dr. Freud, in his usual authoritative way, laid the foundation of developmental psychology by his theory, that might have been challenged by many later psychologists, but had never been ignored or repudiated, and this applies to all his theories, even the most outrageous ones. He, of all the psychologists, established the child's psychological growth and development with that of the mother for the first time, mirroring the parental influence on the offspring.
This assignment will try to look into effects of parenting by drug-addicted parents. It will also evaluate how the drug using, indifferent, and unpredictable parents could create major upheavals in the life of a child. It will explore the possibilities of reforming the drug addicts and the care that could be provided by the social workers.
Good parental involvement consists of listening, accepting, disciplining them in the mildest way possible without hurting their self-esteem. For developing a positive self-esteem, the child should be encouraged to make independent decisions without coercion. Parents should develop the habit of accepting the child's decision, even though it might prove wrong. But this does not mean that pitfalls of the decision should be overlooked. Parents have to strike a balance in their actions towards the child if they have to adopt a developmental psychological approach. Children raised cautiously would not develop an adolescent identity crisis. Even the adopted children can develop the right outlook for life with thoughtful parenting and this group was of the opinion that not just the parents, but also the community itself should be involved in child rearing.
Geoghegan and Pollard describe personality as the person in action. "Personality is the patterned totality of human powers, activities and habits, uniquely organized by the person in the active pursuit of his self-ideal, and revealed in his behaviour" (Gasson, 1954, p.219) from Geoghegan (p.7). Hence, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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