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What Is Postmodernism - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes what is the postmodernism. The term Postmodernism is used most frequently in the cultural, philosophical and literary domain of today’s world. According to social observers the Western civilization and its cultural outlook are experiencing a change. …
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What Is Postmodernism
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "What Is Postmodernism" gives a detailed information about postmodernism. One hand, it is quite difficult to provide proper description of the periods when the transitions are happening and on the other hand it is also not possible to figure out properly the main signs of postmodernism. Perhaps it is the 30s, when the first time the term postmodernism was used. During this time postmodernism actually referred to change in historical spectrum of the Western world as well as certain changes that became conspicuous in the prevailing Art forms. It is the 1970s, when postmodernism drew huge attention from scholars in every field. In his book, A Primer on Postmodernism, the author Stanley J. Grenz has commented about prevailing influence of postmodernism, “First it denoted a new style of architecture. Then it invaded academic circles, originally as a label of theories expounded in University English and philosophy departments. Eventually it surfaced as the description for a broader cultural phenomenon.” If an attempt is made to find the basic concept of postmodernism, it is quite clear from the term itself that postmodernism signifies a movement that seeks to go beyond the modernism and widen the scope as well as significance of modernism. Postmodernism basically follows the main principles of modernism but at the same time it rejects just the modern process of thinking and introduces more aspects to the whole matter. In order to understand postmodernism it is important to understand the modernism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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